Coola Post Primary School Riverstown, Co.Sligo


There is one Guidance Counsellor in the school, Mr Eoin O Slatarra. This section looks at the role and responsibilities of the Guidance Counsellor in Coola Post Primary. 

What is a guidance counsellor?

A guidance counsellor offers guidance and advice, helps you make important decisions, listens to your worries and concerns, and provides counselling. 

What exactly does a Guidance Counsellor do?

Guidance includes the following three areas: 

  • Educational Guidance – helping you with studying, exam worries, deciding what subjects to pick before going into Second year / Fourth year, deciding on whether to do Higher or Ordinary level in Junior Cert. / Leaving Cert., etc.. 
  • Career Guidance – helping you decide on a career / a job / a college / a course that will suit you.
  • Personal Guidance (Counselling)– helping you with bullying, problems with friends, problems settling in to your class, worrying about friends or family members, etc. We will also listen to you if you are feeling down or depressed, or if there is anything you would like to get 'off your chest' or get advice on. So overall, a Guidance Counsellor might give advice, might give an opinion, will listen to you, and will help you to think about things in a different way. A Guidance Counsellor will not tell you what to do. You make the final decision.

When can you see the school’s Guidance Counsellor?

Just come to my office anytime and book an appointment. 

Where is my office?

My office now located in the newest part of the school. 

Who else could I talk to?

If  you wish, you may also talk to anyone else in the school with whom you feel comfortable, for example - a subject teacher, a classroom assistant, a student on the Student Council, your class teacher or your year head, the school principal, the deputy principals, etc. 

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