Coola Post Primary School Riverstown, Co.Sligo

The school has also been very succesful at girls basketball winning two all-Ireland titles and numerous regional awards, with first year, second year, cadet and senior teams participating.

I read the local paper and I gazed with joy and pride
At the feats of our great heroes who won victories in their stride
They are all neighbours’ children with a gift and grá for sport
Those cool, cool, Coola girls, the sports journalist did report
They took on the best in Ireland, they didn’t flinch or fail
From this little school in Sligo amidst mountain, lake and dale
To single out someone for praise I don’t anticipate the need
For they all played so well together with that hunger to succeed
They shrugged away depression of defeat just days before
By the slightest of all margins it was the final score
They didn’t seek for honour or they didn’t look for fame
And they played as they did always for the love now of the game
They were trained and got encouragement from mentors of the best
And on this All-Ireland Final day they passed the vital fitness test
I saw their courageous Captain hold the Cup aloft with pride
She was modest now in victory as she praised her gallant side
And while their opponents from the Kingdom were gracious in defeat
They said “Coola” were the best, most sportive side they did ever meet
It was a huge achievement, a great honour for the school
While the odds were stacked against them they kept ever so cool
Now as a past pupil of Coola myself, I thought of days gone by
Of one fine man that went so fast and in Ballyrush does lie
And if he were alive today, sure you’d hear his victory call
For he coached the parents of this team, their names I still recall
As a teacher and a sportsman he was held in high esteem
“Seamus Mulhern” was respected by each member of his team
Now “D-Day” is approaching and “very well” he’d say
And I know that he was beaming down on this All-Ireland Day

By Eamon Mac Guailrig 21/04/04

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